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B Works Production Group

We have 4 specific, select areas of focus - Design, Enhance, Restore and Clients.

The pretty B Works lady...

When we selected the portrait of the lady you see above, we were struck with her gaze. Her eyes are captivating. She is looking at something that was at once familiar and perhaps a little amazing. It was easy for us to decide that she embodies the vision we have for this web site. A little burst of color here, a modification to the flow there...A new design. That's what this page is all about.


We started in 1997 as a custom imaging and printing company primarily in the print restoration and enhancement market. As technology and markets changed, we have grown and changed too.

Be it responsive web content, all everything branding, or metal prints,

One area that has remained constant thru the years is our laser focus on meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.

What separates us from the others?

The lost art of truly listening!

Lets get started

The basics of our work flow:

We start with either your image or we create, we can also start with your image and enhance. Enhance is mostly about tonal changes: traditional B & W, Silver and Sepia.

If your photo is damaged, then Restoration is required.

Digital company specific images, Logo's, Letter Heads and placement into other images or layouts is Design work.

Output of images can include print and digital. Data/Mail merge is also availiable.

And in closing...we value our clients and are ready to serve you with a little creative imagineering.

We hope you enjoy looking at this page. We think it's pretty cool.